Wednesday, March 01, 2006

All of these Not names are clouding my feeble mind

I can't believe we've been blogging for a year over here at No Sex & the City. NotSamantha hit upon the idea that it would be fun to have people nominate their favorite Not posts. Hell, I'd like to take it a step farther and ask that everyone (1) nominate your favorite Not post from the past year (don't fear the archives) and (2) send us a link to a favorite dating/relationship/single life story from your own site. You can post links to your favorites in the comments or shoot me an email. There aren't any prizes for participation, but we thought it would be useful to reminisce and to also hear people's stories from their sites. I keep hearing we learn from our past, so why not walk down memory lane.

In order to kick it off, each of the Nots spent some time perusing our posts over the past year and each picking three of our favorites. I can't speak for the other girls, but reading those posts really made it clear how much we've all grown and even what issues we still need to work through. It was nice to be able to chuckle as I remembered the great Sex Spy gig of 2005 and to realize all of the Not names we had to make up. We still have trouble keeping some of them straight. Anyway, check out our favorites and remember to send us links to the ones you enjoyed!

Just Put Your Lips Together And...
Circles and Squares
Lay Into Me

We'll Show Each Other Where It Hurts
Reason #551 That I Will Never Be a Lesbian
The Land of Wine and Roses...

I'm a Sex Spy, Baby.
The Winding Road to Smitten

Face the Nation or Why I Wear the Mask
Chick Lit Is Not a Square of Candy-Coated Gum
Ten Commandments of Me


dasi said...

I can't pick just a couple - I enjoy ALL the posts & stories! Seriously - I'm not just saying that! But admittedly, the sex show story was EXTRA hilarious! As far as links on my blog - last summer I inadverdently got involved with a psycho dubbed "Mr. South Side." (And you will know why I am now HAPPY being single and NOT actively looking for a relationship - hence not many 'dating' posts after those!!)The escapades can be found under the following titles (sorry, I'm not savvy enough to make links...)
June 2005: 'The Dating Game,' 'No More Mr. Nice Guy.' July 2005: 'Where's the Happy Medium?,' 'Should've Kown Better,' 'Breaking Up is Hard To Do,' 'I'm DONE (For Now, At Least).' August 2005: 'Goodbye Mr. South Side (I Hope),' 'Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever (Unfortunately), 'Just Friends - NOT!,' 'My Cousin the B****,' and FINALLY 'BUSTED!'

Sorry this is so long - but I really think you guys may get a good laugh over my pathetic dating life. Which is now nonexistent, but still better than being stalked by Mr. South Side!!!

Keep up the stories guys - I really love 'em!!

Larissa said...

NotCarrie's New Year's kiss with a stranger. I love how ballsy that was.

In terms of a post of my own, probably my Dates as Interviews one.

NotCarrie said...

YAY! Thanks, guys!

Dasi, I'll definitely check those out but probably when I get home:)

Larissa, I remember that post. It WAS a good one and I still need to make my dating resume.

NML said...

I adore your blog and it looks fabulous. Happy blog bday and I shall be sure to keep visiting. I also need to catch up.

Single guy blogging said...
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Single guy blogging said...

It has been an enlightening experience reading your blog ladies. Keep up the great work!!

NotMiranda said...

Thanks, NML & Single Guy Blogging! We love your sites, too.

... jacek ... said...

first off I'd like to say that NML is the shit. :P sup girl.

sencondly, I'd like to say that I like yer blog, but im not willing to comment on your posts, since I havent read them all, im a little drunk and ready to take bklyn by storm (that means I'm goin' out)

regardless, ladies, best of best :) and may the blog god smile upon you :)

jo said...

i love all your posts. but i'm with larissa, my fave was notcarrie's new year kiss. wow! i find myself storing that in my memory for next new year where i should have a kiss like that too haha!

NotCarrie said...

Haha, YAY, thanks guys!

I like NotMiranda's "On The Road To Smitten" because it cracks me up to read and she describes the night so perfectly!

Tommy the Cork said...

I too send my happy blog birthday greetings. I just love hanging out with you grils from time to time.

NotCharlotte said...

Awww... I feel NotLoved!

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

Girls you're all awesome!
I'm glad I found your blog! :P