Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Looking for love in all the wrong .coms

I love dating. And with the internet feeding my need for instant gratification I've found internet dating to be the next logical step in finding that special someone. But while I wait for that person to either a) get onto a site, b) check out this blog or c)knock on my front door with a ring, I may as well entertain myself and you with my forays into several of the nets best (or worst, depending on your opinion) sites for meeting people.

1. Match.com - this is the first one I tried. I have two words to say about this site: meat market. While it allows you to do the random search here or there for your potential 'match,' I find that they didn't take have enough variation of answers or people for me. In short, I found most there to be happy and shiny and all others who didn't meet this prerequisite were relegated to the land of no winks.

2. eharmony - Pay you guys for some matches that may or may not come to fruition in the form of a date. Nope, no way, uh uh, forget it. While they claim that they have more marriages than the 'other' sites, I find it hard to believe, and where is the multicultualism on this site. From NotASong, a friend of mine who did try the she did have a few dates, but no sparks as far as I could see. Not a good way to advertise if you ask my opinion.

3. Alt.com - This one I ventured into while working my way through the bdsm universe. I found that while the copious pictures of people seeking people by displaying all their worldly goods was a bit of a shock at first. I quickly got over it and realized that the site doesn't try to hide its sexual side. In fact it encourages it and gives a positive venue, at least as positive as anything you see on the web nowadays, for others to meet others who share the same sexual hungers as others. In short, have a fetish or kink you want to find someone to explore it with, check here.

4. Adultfriendfinder.com - While not as polished as eharmony and not as misleading as match.com, Adultfriendfinder is what it says it is. A way for adults to meet other adults and do the things that adults like to do, unfortunately, the only thing that the adults seem to want to do according to this site is have sex. And while its quite possible to watch movies, have dinner, go dancing or to a concert in between all of the bouts of raucous, sweaty sex they are probably imagining their members having, it should in no way be the main goal. This is the site I've had the most fun with as I've entered the dating scene. The pictures are many, the personal statements are lengthy and it gave me an option to have a spam type filter that keeps all of those who do not meet my requirements that I've clearly listed (yes that means you, you 65 year old gentleman with no hair or teeth), out of my main inbox. Although for kicks I do go into the spam box and read all of the emails from those who just can't seem to understand that I have no desires to date, see or otherwise have anything other than a professional relationship with someone old enough to be my parent.

So is internet dating for everyone? Nope! Is it for me? Maybe. Should I be blasting and telling all about how I feel about the sites I've used on this here blog? Probably not, but then again, this is NSATC and the S or lack thereof is definately what you'll get. And you don't even have to pay for dinner first to get it.


Ashburnite said...

It's sad, but I have been on all of these sites. And you're right, at least alt.com doesn't pretend to be anything it isn't. The others (except for the grossly over-priced eharmony) are basically meat markets that try to pretend to be match-making sites.

jo said...

i'm on match.com though i'm not internet dating through that site. most of the guys who wink or email aren't even remotely interesting. and only one guy actually managed to email me by trying my handle with various other free email providers. i met with him and he wasn't too bad. he confessed later that he thought that maybe it was meant 'coz of the unusual circumstance. well we weren't. he's now married to a 26 year old girl named jo. just not this 26 year old girl named jo.

Kiki said...

hey -- love ur blog! i am FINALLY in a great relationship but I have a few friends who have tried the internet dating thing...they all started with Craigslist! One is BI and the Hetero and both found someone they like to hang out with - one even a "serious" relationship (and these are successful chicks) -- go figure!!


pghcitiboy said...

It's funny, I'll find myself using online dating services in spurts. It just gets so tedious.

1. write email
2. hope for a response
3. response? refer to #1
4. refer to #2

and on and on. At times I want to smash the computer with a hammer and become a forest ranger and live amongst the trees.

Anonymous said...

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