Monday, August 25, 2008

Its all about the Benefits, baby..

Okay so NotChrisRock got another date, at which time he took the kid gloves off and left me with a bite mark.

Which, turned me on so much I took off almost all of my clothing.

Thank god we were in his apartment.

And now the details for those of you who just did a spit take at your screen.

Last Thursday turned into date two for myself and NotChrisRock. We met on his side of town this time, to avoid the awkward "I don't have a car, but I'm legit conversation" that was still nagging in the back of my head.

We then proceeded down to a small shopping center where we fed my office supply addiction and then got coffee. We had initially decided to play it loose and just do things as they struck us, but that became real old really quick.

After coffee he suggested tv watching at his place, and while skeptical that tv is what he wanted to watch, I was confident I could fend off his paws, especially since Mother Nature had made her presence known that day. If there is one thing that will cool my ardor quickly, its having my period. I don't want kids and if this was fates way of telling me to just say no, I was going to stick to it.

So back to his place we went, where the idea of looking at tv got tossed after he kissed me and then bit me.

Did I mention I have this kink about biting...I like it...a lot.

I'm not to proud to say I became a semi posable goo in his hands...who immediately remembered that this would not be going anywhere in my current state of Cousin Flow.

So while deflecting his hands from below the waistline and trying to keep my wits about me, I finally stumbled out that he couldn't put his hands down my pants. To which he said:

"If you're on your period, I understand."

I blushed...this was not typical date any time, but I soldiered on and confirmed that yes, there would be nothing doing in that area tonight, no matter how much he wanted to. Thinking I had cooled him down with my body's betrayal. No one was more shocked than me when he said...

"I'll just have to make you regret having your period."

I will go on record here and now and say, I have never regretted more being on my cycle than I did after that night.

But wait there's more. During the subsequent pillow talk after I was made to regret being on my period, I found that NotChrisRock and I may just have several more things in common, like the fact that neither of us is interested in being in a relationship right now. And that this should be very casual...friends with bennies!

Okay, so no love of my life, but a great friend with which to answer my bodies cravings, that's for sure.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eyes Open

I remember reading an interview with Jessica Simpson awhile back where she said she likes to kiss with her eyes open. I happen to agree...unfortunately, my reasoning differs from hers as she said she likes to see what she's kissing and to know if she's enjoying it (I'm soooo paraphrasing here). I find that it adds a different element because it gives the opportunity to connect with sight and not just with the actual lip-lock. Keeping your eyes open the entire time is a bit creepy and may shock your partner, but I highly suggest taking a peak from time to time.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chemistry without Sparks? I'm sure there's some scientific dating term for this...

So, OkCupid has netted me one date thus far, since I last posted about signing up online (again) and trying to re-enter the dating world.

And for that one date it was, in a word okay, which as we all know is the death knell of any male I'm seeing.

There were no sparks, but chemistry, of a sort was present, I think I'll dub it Kindredstry since it felt like we had known each other long enough to get along, but not long enough to feel that flicker of attraction. NotChrisRock (because I swear that's who he looks like and jokes like for that matter), was funny, open and great to talk to. Which, are all pluses in his favor.

And then there are the minuses...He's touchy feely (I think hand holding and PDAs should be built up to since we've only just met in person), he doesn't have a car (but in his defense I found out he's only lived in the DC Metro area for the last three months), and has facial hair (superficial of me, yes, but I like a clean shaven man).

However, he hasn't done anything that's a deal breaker and he keeps things interesting. So that warrants a 2nd date. Or according to him, dinner at his place.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Static cling...a friend to no one

It looks like I might have to change NotMoxy's name to TooClingy. As Friday rolled around and I tried to psych myself up for my date, something kept telling me abandon ship. I'm just not a casual dater. In my world, I want to be your friend and discover one day we're madly in love. Right.

Since I do live in reality, I forced myself (with the strong encouragement of my girls) to go on this date. Since he was running late, I stationed myself at a booth near the bar and had a drink to calm my nerves. That, combined with flirting with the bar manager, seemed to help. NotMoxy eventually arrived and we had a pleasant enough evening just chatting away. He's a nice guy, and we share a lot of similar interests. The problem is that there was just no there there.

You know that feeling when you look across the table at someone and feel absolutely nothing? No chemistry. I knew the end was near when I found myself chanting silently, "please don't try to kiss me; please don't try to kiss me," as he walked me to the metro.

Turns out the lack of chemistry must have just been on my part. The next morning I awoke to an early morning email telling me what a nice time he had and saying he hoped I would consider him my boyfriend one day. Later that afternoon, I got a voicemail from him asking how my weekend was going. This past Sunday I blew out of town for a work project that had me out of cell and internet range. When I finally returned to civilization last night, I had yet another voicemail from him telling me how he "missed me already" and wished "he had met me sooner."

Now, I have not spoken to him since our date on Friday, but clearly this is something I need to nip in the bud. I wonder if they make that static cling spray for relationships.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Triple Venti Excited

There are three Starbucks I frequent during my work week.
My favorite one is nearest to my house, at the start of my daily 45 minute commute to work. I arrive there anywhere between 630 and 700, depending on how long I take to get ready.
I am almost embarrassed to say this, but I have a fondness for one of my baristas. He's tall, he's dark haired, he's scruffy, wears dark rimmed glasses. But that's not all. He remembers my drink, every single time.
I know, I know, it's their JOB to remember my drink. Hell, I go there so often I'm almost offended if they don't.
But he not only remembers my drink, he remembers little facts about me. He remembers when I'm supposed to come in and if I'm late, he asks if everything's ok. I didn't come by for an entire week and when I came back in, he asked me where I had been. He asked me questions about what I do for a living. He gives me snarky attitude that makes the managers look at him funny, then look at me to gauge my response (which is, of course, smitten. I am the QUEEN of snark).
Yesterday, NotMiranda and I stopped by for a cool drink to get us some energy for DSW. There were five people working that day and I didn't see my dark haired coffee stallion. I resigned myself to be rung up by the cute, albeit 17 year old blonde clerk, when who should appear through the service door but him.
He gives blondie a look, then comes to the register I'm standing in front of, heaving bucket of ice in his arms, and starts to take my order.
"what are you doing here? it's not 6 in the morning! same thing as usual? hot or cold?"
i stumble out my response, making small talk with him as NotMiranda smirks at the back of my head. I had told her about my starbucks bf before and she was putting two and two together.
He writes my order on the cup and rings me up, then goes right back to his ice filling job.
The drink barista grabs my cup and reads it aloud and from the back storage area, he yells "and make sure it's non-fat!"

I know it's silly for me to be slightly enamoured by a caffeine slinging hunk of a man, but seriously, it's working.
My question for you, dear readers, is how do I take it to the "next level" without ruining my lovely starbucks experience? I'd like to at least find out his name, maybe see if he's single, but what if it goes awry?

I guess what I'm getting at is, do I jeopardize my favorite starbucks on the off chance that I could get a real date out of it?