Thursday, July 05, 2007

Starting Fresh*

* This thing will be taken over by asterisks if I try to explain and clarify everything. That said, if you question something-ask, but I'm not using the interweb to work through problems.

So, starting fresh.

Do I have a crush on anybody?

Ummm, yes and no. I definitely had a Friend Crush on NotGraceful when we first starting talking past formalities and found we had things in common and got along well. (If we're talking timelines, this would have been around the winter holidays when he started hanging out with our group more.) Do I flirt with him? Yes. Is my flirting with him different than my flirting with any of my other guys friends? No. Do I sit around and draw hearts around his pictures and wonder how his last name will fit with mine? No. Do I want him to want me? Of course I do. I want everyone to want me.

Who is the last person I kissed?

NotGraceful. Is it something I planned on? No. Do I hope it happens again? Yes, but like I said, I'm not sitting around thinking about him and hoping he calls and wondering if he wants my sass. I think we all know I went through quite the kissing drought so when there's the opportunity for 'rain', a girls gotta go for it. Especially when drunk. Bitch, please. When I say I want it to happen again, I just mean the kiss, he's just been in the right place at the right time recently. Whether or not he continues to be the last person I kissed remains to be told, but he is my friend, first and foremost, and that's not something I'm looking to change. My want/need to makeout is separate from my friendship with him. I do not have tunnel vision when it comes to kissing.


Roxy said...

I want everyone to want my sass too.

NotCarrie said...

Roxy- Haha, yay!

red said...

Kissing droughts suck!

I'm an actress, and once during a kissing drought in real life, I had a kissing scene in the show I was rehearsing/performing. He was the best stage kisser I've ever met, and it was good to know where my next meal was coming from!

Anonymous said...

Is this the same NotGraceful from NotCharlotte's?

Cait said...

I agree, I hate kissing droughts. Though I'd rather go through a kissing drought than a downpour of jerks.
I want to hear more about this NotGraceful character.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I'd realy love everyone to want me's just the law of being a hot woman in heat....

NotCharlotte said...

Anonymous: Yep, it's the same asshole that's been through 3/4 of the NotGirls.

NotSam had better watch out! haha

Isabella Snow said...

Kissing drought! LOL!

NotSamantha said...

NotSam has already been hit on by NotGraceful. He was so lackluster that he did not even warrant a post. In fact I shut him down quite easily.

NotCarrie said...

Red- Haha, that's awesome! I need to pretend to be an actor and tell my friends I need to rehearse.

Anonymous- Yes, technically, but he and I are actual friends. We have real conversations and hang out while sober:) And unlike NotCharlotte, I do not think he's an asshole.

Cait- I've kissed some jerks in my time. Luckily, it was just kissing. I'm sure you'll hear more about him.

Princess e- Haha! It's tough being hott, eh?

Isabella Snow- It was ridiculous, my dear. I'm glad it's over:)

NotSam- Haha, I can't believe you didn't tell us! HIlarious!