Thursday, July 05, 2007

Now I remember why I stopped watching tv...

I gave up watching tv on the regular basis about 3 years ago. Between reality shows and the paparazzi vying for the attention of the latest starlet/studlet I couldn't be bothered to keep up. However, occasionally, when I'm held against my will and my eyes are held open with toothpicks I'm forced to watch it.

Like when I'm at the gym.

Five walls of television. Each with a 60 inch lcd tv, and on four of the five, some squalling celeb posturing for the cameras or some reality show making stars out of the next 'real' person.

This is what we call entertainment? Pardon me while I go run my head through the exercise bike.


NotCarrie said...

I used to watch a lot of TV. Well, it was always on and I would do other things at the same time. Now, though, I just can't concentrate on it the same. I def have my shows I love and will sit down for, but generally I find myself not knowing whats going on with the shows at all.

red said...

I find myself watching my old faves again and again. Anything by Aaron Sorkin that I have on DVD. _Studio 60_, which I taped. Also SATC over and over. Most TV sucks. Sad, but true.