Sunday, November 05, 2006

Late Night Early Morning Blogging

I am so glad I didn't blog when I got home last night. It would have been a "woe is me" type blog. Instead, I can report about how much fun I had last night watching a roomful of friends get drunk. Now, to be fair, I had my own tipsy/drunk moments, but they all occurred early in the night and I sobered up as most everyone else got more inebriated.

I didn't do a good job continuing on the trend started by NotCharlotte and NotMiranda last weekend, though. (Oh, and by "trend" I just mean making out. There will be no sharing trends started.) I wish I could report that I ended up in an empty room making out in the dark or had stolen away to the back porch to sneak a few kisses in* with someone. It's okay, though. Like I said, the "woe is me" moments have passed and were merely a result of the late night drive home. It does suck to look around a room and realize there's noone to flirt with...We need to start bringing some other people into our group. At one point, towards the end of the night, every male there was either spoken for, making out with their girlfriend (find a room, seriously), or vomiting in the bathroom. Not very good odds, eh?

But it was a fun night regardless:) It's not all about the boys!

*Good memory!


jess said...

I hate parties like that! But I'm glad you still had fun.

"Woe is me" blogs are never a good thing.

Minneapolis said...

Oh drunk blogging. I've managed to never do it. But I'm the only member of the HC to succeed. They're like drunk dialing only, you know, there's evidence afterwards.

Doesn't it feel like everyone is in a relationship? Seriously.

I blame the winter.

NotCarrie said...

Jess- Yeah, "woe is me" comes after I have a long drive home.

Minneapolis- Drunk blogs are really funny, though. I've only done one on here and it wasn't that bad.

Stupid relationships;)

allan said...

It sounds like a lot of fun, and don't worry, I am sure you will find someone to kiss at the next event :)

NotCarrie said...

Allan- I hope the next event is tonight! haha

allan said...

nc: I hope so too :).

NotCharlotte said...

Yeah, last night was interesting.

I'm glad there was no partner sharing last night.

Anonymous said...

You need to come party in the "real" City. I'll introduce you to a whole new circle of friends!

And yeah, I try to always keep the public postings positive (alliteration anyone?). Best not to blog while down - way to avoid the temptation!

jo said...

sometimes i get that way too after partying. it's like okay... fun but no boys? i probably need to make out with someone soon haha!

and bout when is the right time to give out your phone number. for me, if the guy in a pub asks and he doesn't seem creepy or whatever, i usually give it. however for guys online, i usually wait till a fair amount of emails before giving it out. i had a bit of a bad experience once with a guy i met online who wouldn't stop annoying me with calls until i just stopped answering 'em.

NotCarrie said...

Hagrin- Yay for alliteration! New circle? Bring it.

Jo- That's true. The bad thing about a phone number is someone abusing it.

Isabella Snow said...

No spin the bottle this week, eh?

Well.. there's always next week, love!

NotCarrie said...

Haha, *I* didn't play Spin The Bottle last week!