Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Will Begin Again

I rang in the New Year standing on the side of a bridge built in the 1600s.
I watched fireworks light up the night sky, all set off by amateurs.
I was surrounded by people I recognized from my many jaunts down the cobble stoned main street of the town I live in.
I kissed 6 different guys between 0000 and 0030. Three were American. Two were German. One was Greek.
I drank 4 car bombs and a lot of Hefeweisen.
I paraded down the street with group of unnamed people at 0300 that didn't want to go to bed so soon.
I spent the wee morning hours of January 1, 2011, getting laid by a scruffy Scotsman in a hotel, whose windows overlooked the very same old bridge I was near at midnight.
I still can't remember his name.

The first few hours of 2011 set off a new path in the direction of NotCharlotte's world. This year has a lot of potential.

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NotCarrie said...

Ah, kissing a handful of guys on New Years...really takes me back to the ol' college days.