Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Group Of Unmarrieds

Every once and awhile my single friends and I will wonder, "Why are so many of us single in our group?" And it's true. Save for a few, the majority of us are unmarried and really, there aren't many of us even dating anyone.

So why is that? What makes us different and why do we seem to have found each other in friendship?

I was thinking about this the other day and went about it scientifically. Okay, more like observationally, but I want this to sound researched and sound.

First I compare myself and my friends to other groups that do have mostly hitched members and thought that maybe other groups are more attractive than we are. Well, no...that's not it. For one, what is attractive differs for each person. Also, none of us are ugly nor do we smell or make weird faces. So looks can't be it.

Is it because we don't date a lot? I will readily admit that I am not a dater and most of my friends are not either. But then I thought about a few of my friends who are always dating and trying out new guys and they're not married either so that can't be it. The number of boyfriends one has had seems to make no difference as to the likelihood of being hitched now.

Is it because we never go out and are hermits in our houses and apartments? Oh wait, that's not true. We all go out a lot. We all have hobbies and social lives that put us out there quite often.

So WHAT is it that makes a person or a group of people less likely to be married by the time they're 25-35? And why do we all seem to be friends with each other?



dara said...

It's brains plus an unwillingness to settle.

NotCarrie said...

Ah true. But, what about the guys with brains who don't settle? There should be a dating site for those who don't want to settle.

KM said...

And still I ponder...