Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Distinguished Gentlewoman…

Is there such a thing as the Distinguished Gentlewoman?

While talking with NotASong we pondered this question. Men as they get older get 'distinguished,' women on the other hand just get old or if they're so inclined they get Botox. But men age and like fine wine they get better with age.

Just to put things in perspective here. I'm only 28, but I don't like the idea of when I get old, then that's it. I don't like not having society even giving me the option of being a distinguished gentlewoman. While I'm sure some love the idea of aging gracefully and easing their way into the golden years…I've always been more of a live young, die hard leave a good smelling corpse, just without the dying part. I love to party hard (when I can tear myself away from my two computers, that is), and I love the idea of getting older. But I want to have that same sense of classiness that men seem to acquire when they cross over the 50 year mark.

Did women somehow miss out on this? I mean currently, amongst the magazines, books and just about all kinds of media there seems to be a focus on being younger, appearing younger, and stopping the aging process all together. There are even entire magazines devoted strictly to the latest in plastic surgery. The newest creams, potions and brews, can take away your wrinkles, make your smile brighter and offer you the appearance of a younger you. What's wrong with a wrinkle or two or having your hair finally go grey?

I'm fed up with being told that I need to look young for as long as I can because when I finally look my age no one else will want me. Dammit, I want my wrinkles and my years to show; proof positive that I'm old enough to know what I'm doing and know that I'm doing it right. Distinguished Gentlewoman…bah!


NotCarrie said...

There is definitely a difference, but I am glad I instantly thought of a few distinguished gentlewomen I know:) Gives me hope.

Anonymous said...

It's just the double standard rearing it's ugly head... The notion of a distinguished gentleman is bullshit!

Insecure men regress just the same. Women have cosmetic surgery. Men have Porsches that're rarely driven...

I have mixed feelings on what I'm gonna do or how I'm gonna feel about myself when I get old.

notawaitress said...

Y'know, most men don't become Distinguished Gentlemen. It's not like they turn 50, put on a tux, and suddenly they're Cary Grant.

I plan on at least not getting fat, while realizing that just about any man I marry is likely to do so, if he doesn't start out that way. For now, enjoy being, "Old enough to know better, but still to young to care."

recovering overachiever said...

I think the concept of a distinguished gentlewoman is starting to come about. Helen Mirren is definitely one of them!

Streon said...

"Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. Robinson?"

There are definitely distinguished gentlewomen.

NotSamantha said...

NotCarrie - I know a few as well, thank goodness for that.

Pele - Double standards exists for a reason...while I think in one second there are so many distinguished gentlewomen out there, I also see how very little they are acknowledged.

NotaWaitress - I like the idea of donning some piece of clothing that will establish me as a distinguished gentlewoman, and I'm sure a tux won't be necessary.

Recovering Overachiever - Helen Mirren definitely gets a pass as a distinguished gentlewoman.

Streon - And Mrs. Robinson, too.

OneFaller said...

two words:

barbara bush

there are distinguished women; they're the ones with class