Monday, September 24, 2007

You Turn Me On, I'm A Radio

The past few weeks have been a blur. I recently got a huge promotion at work and it seems that along with the summer, my free time has blown away like the last whisps of humid air that burdened the DC area. I'm happy for both to be gone, to be quite honest.
I've been spending most of my time with NotHarry, with a few visits here and there with NotMiranda, NotPhotographer, and myriad other favorites.
Things are going well. It's been so long since I've had a guy in my life that I want to be with all the time. My parents like him, all of my friends like him, which is awesome. I think it's so important for my friends to like and get along with whoever I end up with.

However, like any blossoming couple, we have our problems. One of my pet peeves with him is that he doesn't commit to things until the last minute. This doesn't drive me crazy all the time, but if it's for something that I consider important, I think I have a right to be a bit perturbed. He's done it twice and both times he ended up going camping instead.
I have chalked it up to the fact that he just doesn't want to tell me no.

So over the weekend we were discussing things and he notified me that Halo 3 was coming out on Tuesday (at midnight to be exact) and that he probably wouldn't spend much time with me over the week, unless I came over and played Wii in the other room. I said that was cool, I had plans formulating anyway.
Cut to this afternoon. He invited me over to watch Heroes and I declined, blaming high gas prices and payday not being until Tuesday (to pay for said high gas prices).
He said "okay, cool. we can do something tomorrow."
"Oh really? what about your silly game?" I asked. "I'm going out to dinner with some friends and was going to invite you, but you told me you'd be busy."
"I'm sure I'll want to take a break. Does the offer still stand?"

This amuses me, simply because it made me realize that he truly doesn't mean to be non-committal. This just means he's a typical guy.

So he's going to dinner with my friends and I tomorrow.

Little does he know it's dinner and salsa dancing lessons...


Anonymous said...

So devious and downright EVIL!

I'll need to remember to look out for these kinds of things in the future. I tend to come down with a mild case of death if I know ahead of time that dancing is involved.

Lex said...

IMHO, I think if you stop saying yes at the last minute, he will stop changing things at the last minute. Remember, men are creatures of habit.