Monday, June 25, 2007

Accidental Drunk

Same night, different story.

I know that when people say, "I didn't mean to get that drunk" eye rolling is usually involved and no one believes the speaker, but I promise you, I did not mean to get that drunk on Saturday night! I guess I hadn't eaten enough because one beer in and I was feeling it. So a few more later and I was good to go.

And to the dance floor I went when our group decided to migrate back inside to the bar area. Now, I like to dance, but I usually don't proposition random guys to join me on the dance floor. Saturday, though, I went up to a group of about seven guys and yelled over the music, "Why are you just standing here! There are women on the dance floor! Go dance!" I think they thought I was crazy, but it was their loss and I grabbed some random guy who was walking by and danced with him for one song.

At this point in the evening NotCharlotte and I had a bit of a flashback to my birthday in NYC when we met guys from the UK who later invited us back to their place. All the dancing had me pretty drunk so NotCharlotte can fill in any of these details if she wants, but it was fun talking to them even if I had to say "What?" after everything they said. I also remember yelling that I love Andy Murray and that Scotland is the best place there is. But I don't go home with strangers because when random guys (even if they do have hott accents) invite random girls over, they usually want one thing, and I am a classy lady... Okay, I'm not always a classy lady, but having el sexo with strangers isn't what I do. Safety first, right?

Anyway, after exchanging numbers with NotIrish and his buddies, it was last call and time to go. I had actually given NotGraceful a ride* to the bar, but I was a horrible, irresponsible DD so he had to give me a ride back to his house so I could sober up. We ended up having el sexo all night, which was pretty hott. I kid. I'm a kidder. There was no el sexo, but isn't that how you'd like the story to end?

*oooh, scandal!


NotCharlotte said...

They weren't as fun as the Brits, although I had an interesting conversation with the gay Irish contingent of the group about Snow Patrol after they discovered I was a writer for NotReallySpin.
I also wish I would have saved the texts and voicemails from NotIrish, they were hilarious... even though I still couldn't understand some of what he was saying- written or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, el sexo!!

NotCarrie said...

NC- Yeah, NYC Brits were like upper echelon in terms of fun compared with these guys, but it still cracks me that we ended up talking to them. They were funny. What did they say about Snow Patrol?

Anon- :):) it's trademarked already. (not by me!)

jo said...

the mention of el sexo got me excited for a minute... and now that just sounds sooo wrong haha! you know what i mean... i think... you DO know what i mean right? hahaha!

Kellie said...

There is nothing worse than an accidental drunk night. Because no one ever believes the drunky.

I feel ya!

NotCarrie said...

Jo- Haha, I know what you mean. I'm sorry to disappoint on the el sexo front, but drunk el sexo with a friend would be a bad idea (for me).

Kellie- I know! I honest to Allah didn't mean to get drunk. I am usually way on top of where I am drinking wise. This night was a total fluke. I am grateful I had someone to drive my car.