Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Subject Of Gossip? ME?!

On Monday, a friend at work, and one who is notorious for being up on and spreading the gossip, said to me, "So I heard NotGraceful gave you a ride home Saturday night!"

Ok, what? I am never the subject of gossip there either because people think (assume? know?) I'm boring or because for the longest time most people thought I was dating NotDarling. I was taken aback for a split second wondering how she had heard that and why anyone cared. Part of me wanted to insinuate a lot in my reply and either wink as I answered her in the negative or fake blush so she'd think the worst.

Instead I said, "Oh no, not a ride home." and went on with my work. While being the subject of gossip is slightly flattering, I think I'd rather just go on with everyone there thinking knowing that I'm just really boring.


Isabella Snow said...

You're a star! :))

Last year half of this city thought I was pregnant, for some reason. I hadn't even gained weight.

I thought it was such a stupid rumor I let it continue, and when people asked me I told them I was.


Lindsey said...

They're green with jealousy! I love it.

jo said...

ahh good ole office gossip... oh well they are just probably looking for something interesting to talk bout... i've been a victim of my fair share of office gossip in my previous company. i decided to just joke bout it since denying it makes things worst.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

I would so hate being the subject of gossip.

NotCarrie said...


NotCarrie said...

By the way, it's all in the wording of an answer:)