Friday, February 02, 2007

Like Graffiti...I've been tagged...

I was tagged by What's Haute who wants to know weird/interesting/odd/random facts about me so here goes!

1) I can find a bargain anywhere. And I do mean anywhere. My best finds to date have been a red pea coat ($6), an awesome pair of Chinese Laundry sandals (40% off + and additional 20% because of a slighty torn, but repairable strap), and a cream pair of silk lined pants for under $20.

2) I've considered getting some genitalia pierced.

3) I love the comics drawn by Kevin J. Taylor and am eagerly waiting for the next one.

4) I'm a pack rat and don't like to throw anything away. Seriously, I've got clothing that's out of style, but I won't get rid of it for some reason, I think I may need an intervention.

5) I'm a fangirl and love the Harry Potter fandom. I would squee, but I would like to think I'm too serious for that.


Churlita said...

As far as genitalia piercings go, I think I would be perpetually distracted by them. I have a hard enough time not thinking about sex all the time as it is, that a piercing would make me non-functional. It may work for you, though.

NotCarrie said...

NotSam- You and I are so different:)

and there's nothing wrong with not throwing out clothes.

Isabella Snow said...

Is this what I was tagged for??? I'll have you know there is nothing odd, unusual or random about me, ma'am. ;)

I guess I could try though....;)