Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Absolutely Nothing

I just sat here for like, 10 minutes trying to think of something to write about and I've got to be honest with you: I've got nothing.

There are no proscpects at work.

There are no prospects at the second job.

There are no males at class (Seriously. I know, can you believe it?)

I haven't spoken to NotRoger, NotDreds, or NotTownie in awhile so there's nothing exciting there.

I no longer work with the married guy and NotTaylor and no, we never had happy hour.

I'm not even interacting with male friends enough right now to read into things.

THINGS SERIOUSLY NEED TO BE SHAKEN UP! This is ridiculous. I'm glad my Notboos have things going on.


NotSamantha said...

Here here...! If I can just work up the enthusiasm to shake it.

BabsieD said...

You know what this means:

The calm before the storm.

Always happens. Never fails.

jo said...

this usually is a good time to start focussing on yourself again...

Lindsey said...

I 'had' something...at least a flirtation for a few weeks...but it flickered out and now I have NOTHING!

a giRL liKe mE said...

I so want to hear more about NotTownie!
Does he wear a baseball cap?

Is he a chav?

Shannon said...

I remember dry spells....and then all of a sudden, there are men and situations and all sorts of things that happen as fodder for stories.

Go with that Jo said and focus on yourself.

Isabella Snow said...

Time to start scoping out chicks, then? ;)

NotCarrie said...

NotSam- Haha!

Babsied- Ooooh, I like your theory!

Jo- I guess, but then I start questioning what I'm doing and that's not good.

Linny- one and the same, hehe.

A Girl Like Me- Haha, NotTownie is HOTT!!!!! He does often wear a hat.

Shannon- I think things will get better in about a month;)

Isabella- Not so much.

Chuckles said...

I was talking to my dad about dating which may seem like the dumbest thing ever, but only he was revealing details about the life in DC 35 years ago.

There is only one major difference between dating in 2006 and dating in 1960-1961: PEOPLE NOW STAY IN AN AVERAGE OF 5 NIGHTS A WEEK.

In the time before television and the internet and Playstations and shit, you went out almost every damn night. You can do this now on the cheap.

Why don't you go to a show at the Black Cat or to the Hirschorn's movies or whatnot.

fuzzymuffin said...

This is how I am all the time when I'm trying to blog!

Dayngr said...

Oh my! You must stop by http://www.miamigringo.com/ he's new and interesting and single too!

Karina said...

You should try 'internet dating' like NotCharlotte!!!!

Sandra Dee said...

You know, when it's a drought, it's super dry. But when it rains? It POURS! :) Here's to the next RAIN! :)

NotCarrie said...

Chuckles- My schedule is crazy right now. I went to a show a few weeks ago, but was a zombie the whole time bc I was so tired.

Fuzzymuffin- It's been like this a lot recently for me.

Dayngrgirl- But he's in Miami!

Karina- I don't have the patience to sift through the losers.

Sandra Dee- I can't wait!

Sex & Moxie said...

Want to come to our Blowjob workshop this Friday for free? That should shake things up. Bring a friend for free, too! Just e-mail me.

NotCarrie said...

Where is it, Sex & Moxie?

romance junkie said...

it happens...you know...the dry spells.

i think you deserve a spa day.

Dolly said...

I know where you're coming from. No prospects for miles around. For once, I don't mind. Sometimes, it's better to be alone that with the wrong NotSomebodies.