Friday, June 02, 2006

Working For The Weekend

As I head out of town for the evening, I just wanted to say for everyone to have a great weekend! I hope everyone, especially me (haha), comes back with stories for Monday regaling. The past few (+) weeks have been pretty uneventful for me on the male front which can be good at times but can also be bad. Not having anyone new to think about seems to lead to slipping back to old habits-where habits are guys. People I'm "over" now are reappearing in my mind and I also find myself looking forward to hanging out with old crushes visiting from out of town. Sure, I miss them (as a friend) but a small part of me is also hoping for a little more than just hanging out. I'll let you know how that goes, though.

Tonight I'm headed back to where I lived a few years ago and where a lot of people I know still are. There are also a few of those people I haven't seen in years but am super curious as to how a run-in would go with us. Two people especially with whom things were left a little weird. Basically we just stopped talking, one for vague, various reasons and the other had to do with a fight with a mutual friend. Details aren't important though, I just hope I see them tonight. I will DEFINITELY let you know if I do! I have a hot outfit planned, and my new liquid eyeliner gameplan is sure to up the (maybe I borrow this, NotBarmaid?) eyefucking!
Have a great weekend!


Lindsey said...

Have a great weekend! I'm off to collect my own wild stories...!

Vixen said...

Sounds like you have a fun one planned. Enjoy!

manda said...

hope you're getting a new guy (or a few..ha) in the picture...having to think about old crushes during the daily daydreams can suck!

and hooray for the liquid eyeliner :)

reluctant dater said...

funny how the "old ones" always seem interesting/desirable/less assholey when there are no distractions on the horizon, huh? they (or, in my case i should say "he") always seems to be on my mind when there is nothing else going on to keep my mind busy. damn them. :)

TheBarmaid said...

EyeFuck on!!!