Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hot For Teacher

So things with NotElvis are progressing eversoslightly.

Over the past week, I have worked with him more than usual, due to the fact that (finally) our schedules overlapped so we worked basically the same shifts. We bonded over our English major/film/music compatibilities and thankfully both agreed that Land of the Dead is one of the stupidest of zombie films out there. The comfort level between the both of us has gotten a lot better. He so slyly let me know his age (26), his living arrangement (basement of his parents' house), and the reason he works retail now instead of a "real" job (hated teaching, had to stop).
I have a theory, which I put to use last night, but I will get to it in a minute.
After about 2 days of the same shift, I realized that he kept making excuses to walk past me or start a conversation. Usually, when I start my shift I'm getting over my last job so I usually ignore most people and start putting shit away. He would go out of his way to say hi and ask me how my day went. He'd act goofy and make me laugh.
Yesterday I was in a foul mood. I had worked until midnight, gotten 5 hours of sleep, worked 8-1 at my "real" job, then ran errands until work at 330. I had my glasses on and looked a mess.
NotElvis swooped by and goes "oh, do you wear glasses?" I looked at him and he had one of those "looks." A look that I had seen from the guy I used to date at my last retail job. NotVegas.
It's hard to explain, as usual, but I could tell that he was intrigued/smitten/attracted to my glasses look.
This is my theory. I call it the "glasses" theory. Either I somehow look like a hott teacher (i did have a skirt on and my hair back in a bun) or my lack of focus when looking at him (I can't see as well with my glasses on as with my contacts) created a dazed, "ooooh" effect. He grinned when I gave him a snappy comeback and then I went on my way. Later on, I reeled him in a bit more when I told him I brought in a book he might like to read. We had a little tet-a-tet about whether or not it actually took me 24 hours to read said book (long story... well not long, just not worth writing about) and again, I was on my way.
Reel him in, push him back out.
I need to figure out how to reel him in more than pushing him out. He sounds like a fish, I sound like I'm going to start spouting Paula Abdul lyrics.
I have made progress though. I agreed (for some god-awful reason) to go with him and two other coworkers to see "The Omen" at midnight on 6/6/6. The slight chance that I will get to sit next to him/have him scare the daylights out of me, therefore causing me to hit him(come in contact with him) is enough for me to brave a scary movie.
Thoughts? Comments? Ideas? All are welcome...


Jordan said...

Now why would it be a *slight* chance? He invited you, so you HAVE to sit next to him :-)... and what kind of a scary movie would it be unless you grabbed him SEVERAL times (and clearly you have a good reason) ;-)

NotCarrie said...

I went to see a movie once bc my crush was going. I did everything in my power to sit next to him and it worked!

Good luck.

jo said...

as i recall charlotte in sex and the city looked hot in glasses too haha! dang i gotta get me some new glasses. if i did maybe i would be inclined to wear 'em more often rather than battle with my contacts even when i'm tired. my current glasses are so unhot.

jo said...

oh and i suggest cuddling up to him when you're scared. and be scared very often :P

Laura said...

the glasses thing totally does it for some guys, sounds like he might be one of them. definitely start reeling in a little more before pushing away, although the whole cat and mouse thing could be a turn on to him, but not forever. Do what youve got to do to sit next to him, chances are, he'll be making sure you do anways. Have fun ;)

mean girls said...

Hmmm . . . let me think, what would the "real" Samantha do in this situation?

Use your imagination and surely you won't be disappointed!! :)


Lindsey said...

This is the most exciting part of a relationship!

Ooooo. I'm jealous. *sigh*

NotCarrie said...

Why is this titled Hot For Teacher? I just noticed that.

middlegirl said...

you should definetly suggest a sharing of the popcorn, so that your hands could merge within the buttery goodness. :)

Ryan said...

Man, I had those total glass, can't-really-notice-'em Gucci glasses for a couple of years and I got nothing! Maybe they were too invisible...

P.S. Guys heart chicks in glasses. I saw Paula Zahn in glasses one night because she lost her contacts. Couldn't take my eyes off the screen. Paula Zahn! :)

Jordan said...

NotCarrie... because she had glasses on and her hair in a bun.. (teacher'ish) I guess. :-)

Marko said...

Funny post, youll figure out what to do, acting scared is a good one!
I love the look of your blog, by the way...awesome!

GreenLineBoy said...

Women in glasses are attractive. Especially when it's something new. When you see someone all the time a little fashion change can be appealing.

I'd totally play the scared girl thing. It's totally acceptable to grab his arm. Guys love that.

NotCharlotte said...

wow, there's a lot to comment back on!

Jordan: Technically, he didn't invite me, a group of us were standing there and we all agreed to go. He DID make definite eye contact when we spoke about it.

Jo: I guess I picked my character well then ;-) I used to have these glasses that took up my entire face. I recently got cute ones, I just can't see as well out of them.

Laura: I'm DEFINITELy going to make sure to sit by him.

Linny: Don't be jealous, nothing has happened yet!

NotCarrie: He used to be a teacher and I thought I looked like a teacher that night.

MiddleGirl: Mmmm popcorn. That's a good idea.

Ryan: I <3 guys in glasses, so I guess the feelings mutual between the sexes ;-)

Marko: Thanks! We like it too ;-) I hope you keep reading!

Greenline: Yes, arm grabbing is on the list. Lol at this point, I probably won't even watch the movie!