Friday, June 09, 2006

Jump The Shark

I know NotMiranda has a post waiting to go up, but with Blogger apparently losing its soul yesterday, and her not having her usually internet connection, I just wanted to get something up here so noone thinks we've jumped ship. Actually, that's a funny idea: When does No Sex And The City jump the shark?

*NotCarrie starts writing about her puppy more than her love life (I don't own a puppy yet (!) but once I do, I can't promise this won't happen)
*NotSamantha goes from talking about vibrators to the batteries that fill them and which are better: Energizer or Duracell?!
*NotMiranda takes to a different kind of calling and starts writing an awful lot about NotJesus. (Is that bad to say? I apologize if so;)
*NotCharlotte really does marry NotHusband and with her new life, leaves the blog for matrimony.

What a funny thought though! Add on your own ideas!


Jordan said...

No jumping shark allowed..

Ryan said...

*NotCarrie falls in love with RealRyan. They become new Not Curb Your Enthusiasm supercouple - only WAY hotter. :)

NotMiranda said...

Fuck that. I take that to mean that any chance I have of a relationship has "jumped the shark", and I don't take shit like that lying down. Maybe you've reached your peak, but I haven't.

NotCarrie said...

Haha, don't worry, guys. NSATC won't be jumping shark. We'll leave that to TV shows like Real World (Denver? really?) and other ones that have just lost it.

*Ryan, we'll see.

NotCharlotte said...

Never will I ever marry NotHusband, that's not even a possibility.

And the fact that I will jump ship is inconceivable. I side with NotMiranda.

NotSamantha said...

*turns off vibrator*

Well I do think that Energizer give a better buzz than Durahell, but that's just me.


I couldn't help it, I had to do it. I also had to go look up "jumping the shark" since I had no effing idea what it was.

I have no plans to be anything other than my sarcastic and jaded self, on the hunt for a manly man (beast of NotMirandas post) of my very own.

NotCarrie said...

You guys know I was just teasing, right? My goodness.