Monday, June 05, 2006

Call Me! (I Love Blondie!)

I am now in possession of NotTaylor's phone number!

I also know for a fact that he is single.

Now, separately these two scenarios would not mean much, but when occurring in the same five minutes? Added together they mean so much more.

First we played the teasing/flirting game of him asking about my phone and me taking his picture with it. He said to send it to my friends and say he's single. I told him I'd save the picture and apply it to represent the work number. But he said, "Put it with my cell phone number, XXX-XXX-XXXX" (which I had to get him to repeat like 4 times because I turned stupid.)

Then, to keep him talking, I said how I remember that he has the separate cell phone plan because he uses it for personal reasons, too. He laughed and said that he used to use a lot of minutes talking to "that girl" but "doesn't talk to her Any More!" He enunciated "any more," I know it.

I already told NotMiranda to not let me, under any circumstances, to drunk dial him. I can not let him get that power over me. The "I know what you did last weekend" power. My job, while very relaxed and cool in some ways, is a bit conservative on the partying front (no booze at Christmas parties, no water cooler talks about bars from the weekend-we save that for emails that get promptly deleted) and while my non-work is mine to live, I don't need it in the office. I'm a "fly under the radar" kind of gal at work so unless he's in on the trouble with me (stolen kisses in a supply closet maybe?) I'm going to continue to lay low.


jo said...

i hope he has your number so that he can call you :P

GreenLineBoy said...

Good start, but I agree with jo. Make sure he gets your number.

It's cool that he wanted you to take his picture with your phone. I'd say at least he's comfortable with you. I'd feel a little weird about a girl I didn't like having my picture in her phone. So he must like you.

Keep up the good flirting!

Virginia Belle said...

i'm new here. just thought i'd say hi. i've been meaning to come over here and check you out!

and maybe you should text him with "call me."

that's what i'd do.

good luck! hope he calls!

NotCarrie said...

Jo- He does not have my number...I'll have to figure out how to get it to him without it being weird.

Greenlineboy- His picture is really embarassing, too. He made a funny face.

Virginia Belle- I don't know if he has texting! ahhh!

Ms Bees Knees said...

i love that you "turned stupid". LOL. awesome.

jo said...

well drunk dialling him this weekend sounds like a good way to give him your number :P invite him out for drinks with you and your friends or something.

TheBarmaid said...

Give your phone to a friend early in the night.
Call me instead.

NotCarrie said...

Ms Bees Knees- I do that a lot;)

Jo/Barmaid- Yeah, I think I'm with Barmaid on this-Drunk Dialing would be really bad in this situation. So bad I wouldn't want to ever go back to work.

Lindsey said...

"Because I turned stupid..." lol. I love it! I can just hear you guys playing the coy little flirting games. Throwing out inuendos, hoping the other will bite. I really hope I get to feel that again soon.

Jordan said...

Right... NO drunk dialing! God knows what you might tell him. Also, when YOU call him (and you should... maybe for something small).. he'll have your number from the caller ID. So no need to try to figure out 'how' to give it to him.
No matter how low you lay at work.. people can still figure out who's into who :-)

NotCarrie said...

Jordan- I'm actually a little worried about what people might be thinking. The flirt in me doesn't come out much at work (shocking, I know) so when it does, I feel like it's super obvious.

Senor Beavis said...

Yeah, definitely stay off the drunk dialing. But not even because of any "power" dynamic. I can only speak for myself, and generally can't speak for all guys, but I find getting drunk-dialed to be a HUGE turn-off. Especially if the conversation involves a lot of discussion of the other party being drunk. When a woman can be drunk, but still have her shit together, that's attractive. Even if it does mean she's thinking of you, who really wants Drunk Girl from SNL anyway? So don't get NotMiranda or whoever to keep you from drunk dialing, you can find it within yourself. :)

NotCarrie said...

Thanks for the male side, Senor. I seem to know who to NOT drunk dial for the most part. For instance, I've never drunk dialed a family member (besides my sister but that doesn't count) or my place of employment or people who don't know I have their numbers.

And I don't get drunk too too often so I think I'm safe.