Monday, May 15, 2006

Hot Night Crash

So i got in a fender-bender today. NOthing serious, i just wasn't paying attention and rear ended the car in front of me. I didn't make any marks on their car.
The lady in the car was UBER nice, I mean she joked about it like "you wrecked my mercedes" as she wiped some dirt off the back bumper of her honda.
But why couldn't it have been a hot guy? I mean seriously. We would have both pulled into the CVS parking lot, locked eyes, and then traded a bit more than insurance information... if you know what I mean.
This weekend I'm going to New Jersey with NotHusband, which I am looking forward to. What I am not looking forward to is us going to a bar in NJ and him collecting all of my attention so I can't flirt with hot mafia guys and make them buy me drinks.
Last Saturday we went to my place of business so I could change my schedule for said trip, as well as flirt with the cute guys there. Before we went in I go "make sure you don't act like my boyfriend" and he was like "alright, but I never do..."
I didn't feel like explaining to him that when he's with me, it's like we're a couple because that's just how he acts.
He proceeded to stay as far away from me as possible in the store and I believe I bruised his ego, but oh well.
Then he furthered my annoyance at him. As we left, I told him which one NotElvis was and he was like "oh. him? hm." and made a face.
That little fucker.

I know I complain about him a lot and I'm sure you ask yourself "NotCharlotte, then why are you friends with him and hang out with him constantly?"
Because honestly, I have a good time with him when:
a. there are no men around
b. we do what he wants to do
c. i drive the car.

i'm kidding. I just have to accept that he, like quite a few of my friends, is very self-centered. He just happens to fit that category more than most.


Vixen said...

Good thing the fender bender didn't bend. You know you only crash into hot guys in movies or romance novels. In true life, chances are it's a woman, a fat potbellied bear or an asshole. Most of the time it's the asshole. C'est la vie.

NotCharlotte said...

yeah, i guess i should just feel lucky that it wasn't an asshole... although I did get cat-called by a potbellied bear on my way home from campus. ew.