Monday, May 15, 2006

eFriend To Real Friend

I started to get nervous on Friday like I was inching closer to a date starting or something. I was more conscious of my outfit and how my hair looked, was my makeup okay, do I have things to talk about? Am I going to disappoint in person?

Let me back up a little...Champagne in the elevator? No, before that...

Meeting someone I've met online. I've only met one person from the internet before and he definitely lived up to his nickname, NotCreepyInternetBoyfriend (NotCIBF), so it's an adventure I had been hesitant to try again. But meeting a friend from the internet? Sure! Why not? So Friday night, I met up with NotMiranda in the city with plans to meet up with NotBarmaid later that evening. We had some time to waste so we spent most of it drinking: chugging the delicious nectar that is champagne in an elevator, Woodchucks at Busboys and Poets, and finally, being winos at the BYOB HR57.

I had a splendid time but hope that next time (yes, a second "date"!) there will be more wine and less volume-it was tough to get good conversation going with NotJazzyJeff blaring away on the sax and our long list of things to discuss: 90210, Uncle Jesse, dating, lack-of-dating, etc.


Like NotCarrie (or maybe not) I was a little nervous at meeting an online friend in person. Not only is the anonymous nature of this blog a comfort, like I've heard said again and again, making a new friend is a lot like dating. I had a great time hanging with NotCarrie and an even better time doing the friend "interview" with NotBarmaid. Fun, hot and sassy...any girl who can drop the f-bomb with such flair is a friend of mine! Even funnier were my post-get together thoughts. Did I come across as lame? Was I boring? Do you think she'll email again? Hahaha! No wonder I'm a picky dater and keep my group of friends small and tight-knit.


NotBarmaid said...

Yes, next time we should set up shot somewhere with freeflowing alcohol and an appropriate level of sound for good conversation.

Though, watching you try to EyeFuck the bassist was well worth it.

NotBarmaid said...

NotMiranda: You were not lame. You were not boring. And I will email again. I felt like I wasn't bringing my A-game. So I propose that next time, we'll pick a day that I'm not tied up at work till 11pm and a venue where we can really make fun of the people around us without worrying that the music is going to cut out and everyone is going to hear us.

NotCarrie said...

Haha, I agree, NotBarmaid. I didn't have my A-game, either.

NotMiranda, Did you read on Greek Tragedy about how she got set up with a new friend? That would be just as nerve wracking as a blind date, "I have this friend, she's awesome" and then the pressure to live up to it.

jo said...

it's always interesting and yet nerve wrecking to meet an online friend in real life. you wonder will you guys be able to get along as well as you seem to online. i've met a few online friends before (guys and girls) and so far i'm pleased to say that it's gone pretty well.

middlegirl said...

yay for new friends :) I anxiously anticipate the results of said