Monday, April 10, 2006

Lost My Game

I think I've lost my game.

NotMiranda, NotCharlotte, and I stopped by NotCheers (a bar) on Friday night and I didn't talk to a single guy. NOT ONE! And just to show how odd this is, let me point out that NotCheers is where I had my Night Of 5 Kisses, where I was "that girl" and also where at least three of my guy friends have asked me to sleep with them. Don't misread that like I'm a slut, I'm not, at all. I just got a lot of reception to my flirting there and I know how to work it with the guys at that bar.

And it's not only at NotCheers that I've been feeling like I'm striking out. A bar in Fairfax and I didn't talk to anyone? Night's out in DC and I don't meet anyone new?!


I was actually thinking about this yesterday and may know the answer. I think my strategy (aka game) and my goals are different now. Sure, a few years ago I was all about the random making out in a bar and I knew how to get it. But now I think I'm leaning more towards the quiet, not crazy, nice guys and I have no idea what to do. And forget that "be yourself" bullshit because I've been myself for over 25 years now and just sitting around being awesome (aka myself) doesn't bring them in. Dating is like marketing sometimes and I need to somehow update my sales pitch for me. I need new game!


Dolly said...

Oh wow. Boy, can I relate. Not only do I not reel them in the way I used to, when I go out I don't see anybody I want to reel in, either. It's strange and not entirely pleasant, but something I have to get used to since my goals have changed, I guess.

Vixen said...

Oh boy....Your Moxie has deserted you, it happens to everyone once in a while. I guess like dolly said, you just have to shift your goals. And let go of the jaded cynicism--that is an automatic Moxie killer. If you keep thinking that every guy you meet is bound to be full of shit or break your heart, then you aren't going to even WANT to meet any other get my drift?

NotMiranda said...

Brilliant! My game has needed polishing for years.

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

I think you've still go the game..

You just don't feel like playing it anymore.

The person you were years ago when you were all about the flirting and randomness of meeting people isn't who you are as you grow up.

I'm that way too, except mine goes back and forth back and forth. Sometimes I'm in the mood to be out and about and be my loud self, while sometimes I don't feel like getting involved in all that mess.

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

and by "go" i meant "got" the game

jo said...

i think i've lost my game too. i'm not sure if i ever had it though. i mean i had some sparkle moments... but a real game? i don't know... where do you find quiet, not crazy, nice guys?

NotCarrie said...

Dolly- That's another problem, not seeing the ones I want when I'm out.

Vixen- Haha, I wouldn't say I'm cynical about it;) It's just I noticed that what I want is different so how I get it needs to be different, too.

NM- We'll work on it!

Laurie- I'm the same way...sometimes I am that girl out and being crazy and talking to strangers but definitely less than before.

Jo- Yeah but once you find the quiet, not crazy, nice guys it's even more difficult to get them I think.

Sweet said...

I think it's a good thing you're not making out with random guys at a bar. Sounds like you're becoming more mature, and looking for more. And besides, you have nothing to worry about -- when it's warm, the boys will come a flockin.'

NotCarrie said...

Yeah, I definitely think I'm more mature about it all. It's hard though when you're trying to go for something "more" but it's also been ages since your last kiss!