Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I think the odds are against me...

Okay, after two dates using yet another online method, I'm o for 2...If I were a betting woman, I would say to quit now before I get in any deeper, but I'm trying to be optimistic about this so I'm going to give it another go.

Last Friday, turned out to be spineless guy night. I met the guy at an area that had a used bookstore and I saw him before he saw me and the first thing that jumped out was how much shorter he was, like his shoulder was 2 inches below my shoulder short. But, I'd made the committment and figured that at least there would be interesting book conversation. So we proceeded with the date and the book shopping was slightly interesting. Then the shop closed 20 minutes after we had arrived, the thunderstorms rolled in (literally), and we decided to move the date to the nearby superbookstorechainofdoom.

I dashed to my car, he ran to his and we drove out. Note I did not actually see him leave or what car he drove due to the downpour. I got to the store, went in and started looking at books near the center aisle so that if he came in he wouldn't have to search to hard for me.

Ten minutes go by and I'm in fiction.

Twenty and I'm in Scifi.

Thirty and I've moved to Graphic Novels.

By this point I had started to do that whole look up everytime someone walks by and I was starting to get irritated. But trying to give him the benefit of a doubt I walked up front just to see if he had been hovering at the door or outside looking for me. Not there.


So with that, I decided that I would get some coffee and if he hadn't made an appearance I would chalk this one up as a learning experience and go home.

Got coffee AND a pastry (again giving more benefit of a doubt), went to the front looked left, looked right, still no date, and kept walking to my car.

Now, I've never gotten stood up mid date...had someone not show at all, sure, but to meet and then do a poof on me? So for a while I was annoyed with myself and down about my looks and trying to figure out how he saw me and what would have made him run. Then I just got plain mad...what his deal. I would have gladly cut the date short if he had decided that maybe we weren't a match. No use wasting a night on something that you think isn't going to turn out right.

As I did the rehash the next day with NotASong, she was flabbergasted and said it was just rude and her bf NotAClipper said the same. So its not me, its him...and I'll just add this cliched date into the "learn from" category and move forward....


Dolly said...

What a supreme asshole. I'm sure he his dating karma is going to suffer majorly for that one.

NotCarrie said...

Yeah, what a cunt.

jo said...

i can't believe he did that. that's just rude. did you call him to ask where on earth he was? or did he call you to say that he somehow lost you?

NotCarrie said...

Yeah, if I had been me in his shoes I would have at least made up a fake excuse or something. I guess it's good you didn't have to waste any more of your night with him.

NotSamantha said...

He's an absolute asshole, he didn't bother to answer his phone when I called to find out where he was (despite the fact that when I called him earlier to let him know I was running a few minutes late he picked up the phone), nor did he answer my email back to him when I got home to which I said, "that was juvenile and a total waste of my time"