Thursday, March 23, 2006

"How YOU Doin'?"

NotTaylor is getting to be very annoying here at work. This is the "hot guy" of the office who knows it and saunters around like he owns the place. For some reason he has taken to staring at me and asking me how I am about 489032 times a day. And no, it's not because he's interesting in me. (And even if he was, I'm not interested in him.) I'm not bothered by his behavior in a sexual harassment kind of way but more because I can't fight back how I want to. If we weren't in the work setting I would totally be "flirting" back and teasing him and catching him in his lines. (Again, not in an "I'm interested" way but this is the only way to deal with him.) But I can't because I'm at work and I need to just fly under the radar and not get the "She's a crazy ho" attention on me.


NML said...

Guys stop being so hot once they know it. All men have ego's, and rather large ones at that, even when they aren't that great looking. Knowing he's hot makes him a danger to society ;-)

NotCarrie said...

Exactly! That's why he gets quotations around "hot guy"...He's not so hot now.

I think he's confused by me. I'm young but quiet when I'm here yet I make really sarcastic jokes all the time.

trueborn said...

sometimes all you need is a well placed zinger to deflate the ballon that is his ego.

My sisters have become masters of this infuriating tactic.

They make sure lots of people are paying attention and then pounce. It's usually about either a small fault in my wardrobe or something stupid I've said in the past.

There's also mocking him in public. Always a winner.
Use his catch phrase against him in a derogatory fashion, again make sure you have maximum exposure to others in the vicinity.

Vixen said...

Yep, he definitely sounds like a Grade A pretty boy asshole. Sounds like he is really paying you some attention though!

jo said...

well he's a hottie... so i guess just try and enjoy the attention he's paying you... and if you can, just try and get in a lil sarcastic teasing. thank goodness my office is pretty open. or else i'll be considered sexually harrassed and vice versa.

CoatMan said...

Of course, you know that that means that, if he's attractive, and attracted to you, then you must be attractive yourself, or else he wouldn't be interested.

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

I hate cocky guys.

So unattractive.