Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Just Say No

One of the women I work closely with at work just asked me if I'm dating anyone. No, she wasn't asking because she's interested, I think she was just being nosy because she doesn't know me very well. But my answer?


and then:

"Well, not really"

Wait! What?

She apparently doesn't pick up on verbal/body cues for *Don't ask me to clarify* because she did indeed look utterly confused and so I had to try to explain. But there's nothing to explain so I was pretty much just making things up and trying to make it sound complicated so she would stop asking.

"Um, it's complicated. Ambiguous."

She was still looking confused. (Isn't 'ambiguous' code for 'I don't know either'?)

"We're friends."

Still confused apparently so I just really went on with my fictional story:

"We hang out a lot but we're not dating."

Then she said, "Well, if you hang out and you love each other then what's the problem?"

I just nodded my head, it was easier than trying to go back on my story. I'm not sure how she went from "friends" to "love each other" especially since the whole story was something I made up. I should have just left it with "No, I'm not dating anyone" but she's the type who you just can't say "no" to. (I'm glad she wasn't inquiring because she was interested;)


Anonymous said...

Ha! Very funny to imagine that situation. Kind of weird when people ask those things in the workplace.

TheBarmaid said...

I made the mistake of telling some of my co-workers that I was going on a date last night. And today, as everyone keeps asking me "how it went last night" over and over, I'm forced to relive one of the worst experiences of my adult life.

NotCarrie said...

Yeah I made the mistake once of telling my boss (she's my age) about making the first move with someone. She STILL asks about it, ugh!

Larissa said...

yeah well my co-workers all know about my blog. ooooh boy. i need to learn to shut my mouth!

... jacek ... said...

i tell my co-workers nothing, zip zilch, nada, in fact the less they know the better, and in fact part two, i just dont like them....

NotCarrie said...

Well, the boss thing happened bc we were on a long car trip to a job thing. We ran out of things to talk about!

(And I had to explain why I was so nervous!)

Jaimie said...

I don't know the story behind this, but why lie?

NotCarrie said...

She's just the type of woman who passes passive judgement on you...I was just trying to avoid it.