Sunday, December 11, 2005

Variations on a Theme

I have realized that men need to have the following qualities in order for me to be interested in him:
1. They have to be as smart, or a bit smarter, than me.
2. They have to love art/music and be either artistic/musically inclined.
3. They must be willing to try new things.
4. They can't be too picky.
5. They have to have enough self-confidence in themself, but not too much.
6. sense of humor that is beyond fart jokes and slapstick
7. The ability to carry a complete conversation without making weird voices or not taking anything seriously.

I have also realized that NotHusband has none of these qualities. More on this later, I need sleep more than I need to think about this.


NotCarrie said...

If that were my list I'd have to add:

8. Heterosexual

Kick NotHusband to the curb with divorce papers...bring him back as NotBestFriend or something.

chelsea said...

My list is very similar. In fact a love of music was high on it - given that I made a living as a music writer I had to have someone who would obsess over lyrics and albums as much as me. But my boyfriend, my one and only, is a babe in the woods when it comes to music. And it works in his favour because now I get to train him and teach him and mould him (insert evil lagh here....) he stills listens to Robbie Williams and Chris Issak (which is OK, but not great) but now he balances it with The Shins and Johnny Cash and PJ Harvey.

Oh, and in return he expands my literary world - I would never have read Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy were it not for him.

NotCharlotte said...

Heterosexual is a given, therefore has no place on my list :-)

Robbie Williams? Chris Isaak? I think he and NotHusband need to have a talk. :-)

Marissa said...

That about sums up my list, too. So now that I know what I want, where is he?!

Larissa said...

Man, you nailed it! I need to print out this list and frame it! :-)

Anonymous said...

I have all these
You have to teach me many things, but