Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Back To The Future

It was the winter after I had graduated from college and moved to the city. I had no job and a lot of spare time on my hands and looking back, I would probably call it my "Blue Period." It was also year 3 or so of knowing NotRoger, who by some weird coincidence was living in the same city as I was.

We had not talked for awhile when I saw his name start to pop up on AIM every once and awhile. Partly because I was bored and partly because he was still a conquest I had still not conquered, I got back in contact with him. From the beginning though I told him nothing was going to happen. I was worried that if I went to his apartment he was going to think it was some booty call. And I don't do booty calls. But I didn't really meant for NOTHING to happen so the first time I went over to his place I was very disappointed that he had not tried to kiss me!

I can't remember if I told him I had been disappointed or not but regardless of that, the next time I went over there was much better. We watched Back to the Future with him on one side of the couch and me on the other like we were in middle school and our parents were upstairs. But then, right when the lightening struck the clock he leaned over and kissed me.

I really appreciated him making that first move and was impressed he had the balls to do it. Later, when I told my friend about the night she said, "Awww, Back to the Future, that is SO romantic!"


mrsmogul said...

Good for you that you weren't a booty call!

Amanda said...

that is super cute. isn't that funny...our real intentions coupled with the contradictory feelings that we broadcast. and then our expectations that they will be able to read our minds... my "notroger" was so respectful of what he thought my wishes were, or too shy to just grab me and kiss me that it took YEARS to get around to a first kiss...