Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I work hard so I'll "Play" hard

I love comic books.

They give insight into the workings of the mind that most of the time people don't want to admit to. However, I make it a policy of being as honest with myself as possible. So, with that in mind, I'm instituting a new NOT policy. If you work like a dog *key "She works hard for her money" music*, then you get to play just as hard.

Lately, I've been killing myself with work, so this weekend I'm going to venture into the realm of a Play party...and its all the more attractive because I can bring a covered its a Potluck Play toys and tupperware...dildos and pyrex....*smirk*

So on Saturday night as you sit down to your meatloaf...just know that I'll be sitting down to mine as well. I just hope it will all fit! blushing at my's not allowed.


NotCarrie said... there really going to be food there or is this one of those things that my innocent mind doesn't "get"?

NotSamantha said...

Nope, there is definately going to be food there. If you bring a covered dish you get a discount on the entrance fee.

chelsea said...

Does a jar of spreadable chocolate count as a dish?

NotSamantha said...

Only if you plan to eat it off of someone else...