Thursday, December 15, 2005

Kick Him Where It Hurts

When I was in 5th grade I had a crush on one of the neighborhood kids, NotNathaniel, but I was so shy and worried of rejection that I never did anything about it. Sure, it was 5th grade so what all could I have done, but it caused me to miss out a little on that elementary school Boyfriend/Girlfriendness. I tried though, in my little way, to let him know that I did indeed like him back:

I kicked him in the shins while we waited at the bus stop.

I know, it's ridiculous! We would stand there, waiting for the cheesewagon and I would just kick him, over and over in the shins and he would stand there and take it like a "man." Nothing ever came of my weird way of flirting but I think it was because he and his family moved before 6th grade. I kind of missed him for quite awhile and always felt like he would have been my Neighborhood Love had we grown up in the same area. We would have inevitably dated or hooked up or something, I just know it.

But I digress a little because the reason I started writing about kicking the guy I liked is because I'm starting to wonder if I should bring back my elementary way of flirting. I feel like I need to kick some sense into some guys (ok, one or two in particular) and get them to realize that I'm in like with them.

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Larissa said...

ha! some guys actually like a little tough love. take my roomie for example. she went on the date from hell last week, and made it icily clear they would never go out again. yet he keeps calling and texting her regardless, even though she has never gotten back to him!

On another note, did you ever hear of 'Why Men Love Bitches'? Might go with your theme, hehe. My friend's reading it right now, but I don't think it's the best idea for a sarcastic girl like me to read!