Monday, December 19, 2005

Memoirs of modern day geishas

I went to see Memoirs of a Geisha yesterday. The beautiful shots of what I can only assume really was Japan took my breath away. The geisha were also stunning with their practiced beauty. I entered the theater confused about what a geisha really was, wondering if they were really prostitutes. While I make no claims about being an expert on geishas now, I imagine myself enlightened. These women were truly masters in the art of seduction. Sex was sometimes part of the equation (bid wars over virginity were truly a trip), but it wasn't really the point. With the subtly of an exposed wrist or the lifting of shy eyes, fantasies are fulfilled and battles won.

I left the theater wanting to flirt, to snare a man with simply a look. It also hit me that some of us could be considered modern day geishas. The secrets for snaring men are the same. These 'Not' girls here are experts at giving great eyes (I'm fond of calling it eye sex). Now while some may still put the goodies out for bid, we all don't choose that route. Regardless, we are all about practicing those time-honored skills of seduction.


NotCarrie said...

I'm an eye sex whore!

NotCharlotte said...

So am I. It's the best.