Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Friend Crush Returns!

I have a new Friend Crush!

I am not sure how long the list is but I must be honest that two of them could possibly also be on the list of "People I Want To Bang* At My Second Job." And for clarity's sake, the PIWTB*AMSJ list is now up to three. But the PIWTB*AMSJ could be further explained, and clarified, with a Venn Diagram..perhaps at work tomorrow I will create and upload said Venn diagram, but for now I will just explain it:

Circle 1 (PIWTB*AMSJ) has three names and overlaps with Circle 2 (PIWTB*NOAMSJBAOARB**) which has one name. The name in Circle 2 (PIWTB*NOAMSJBAOARB) is also in Circle 1 (PIWTB*AMSJ). Confused?

I think it's fun! Oh, and I guess I should explain that not all Friend Crushes are in the PIWTB*AMSJ circle.

*Bang probably equals just making out but I'm trying to sound more badass than I really am.
**People I Want To Bang* Not Only At My Second Job But Also On A Regular Basis.)


Larissa said...

haha! brilliant and hilarious!

Tanisha said...

You're hilarious. Love it!!

chelsea said...

I think a venn diagram is definitely needed.

NotCarrie said...

I made the diagram but couldn't get a moment alone to scan it...Tomorrow!

I-66 said...

...and here I thought I'd never have to eat alphabet soup again

middlegirl said...

i'm glad to see i'm not the only one who has friend crushes.