Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Trouble with Loving Men...

So have i told you before, that I love men? In pretty much any way: gay, straight, fatherly, brotherly, etc.
I just happen to attract gay men. I, NotCharlotte, am a Fag-Hag.
This all started in high school when I immediately befriended this goth girl, who turned out to be bisexual. This opened the door for other such individuals to befriend me because I, NotCharlotte, was an apparently openminded individual who couldn't care less about others' sexual orientations.
Which brings me to my current situation.
I have a gay husband (NotHusband) and a gay betrothed (NotTheater). Both of these men claim that they are gayer than a leather pinata, but even I have my doubts.
I have had many in-depth conversations with my husband about whether or not he's really gay. He does not believe in gay rights, he only likes taking men from behind, and he's somewhat of a stuck up jerk when it comes to treating men right.
The thing is, what happens if he decides he's not gay? We are in this weird situation where the more time we hang out, the more it feels like we're actually a couple. People have actually asked me if we're dating and to be honest, sometimes it feels as though the answer is yes.
As for NotTheater, he has told me that he's the Straighter version of Gay. Which confuses the hell out of me. He's a VERY touchy feely guy and I cannot hang out with both of my guys at the same time, because there's competition. YES competition! I have talked with both of them about it and they both agree that they feel they're the only "gay" for me and therefore the other one is made fun of, etc. Which is weird all in itself.
So, in closing:
When does the college experiementation end and life decisions are made? Is being gay in your early 20s just a fad? What happens when your best friend decides that they want to try heterosexual experiences?
That makes me sort of nervous, but that will be left for another time...

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