Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Seemingly Easy

My coworker, who is in my age bracket, came in on Monday to tell me her great news, "NotCop asked me to be his girlfriend!" I did the obligatory squeals of joy for her and asked all of the appropriate questions but I will readily admit I was a tad bit jealous.

("Jealous" is a word I am desparately trying to use less of but in this case, it is necessary.)

I am envious of the ease with which this new relationship has come to her. They've known each other for a year but just recently have been hanging out more and more. She has come in more often than not red eyed and exhausted but with a smile on her face having spent the evening before hanging out with NotCop until the late hours of the night. And now, he has asked her to be his girlfriend. They are exclusive. And happy.

I am happy for her because she has had her share of heartache and bad experiences in the past, but I also struggle to understand why this can be so easy for some people! And I don't think she is doing anything differently, or at least it's nothing I can figure out. I guess I can't judge the situation because my understanding of it is cursory. It's like judging a book by it's cover. Sure, NotCop and NotOhio seem to have eased into something really great but I bet there is more to it. I know personalities make a difference as I am not able to be as open about something like, "Be my boyfriend" and tend to approach the potential 'boyfriends' who have the same personality traits.

I really am happy for her though...I just hope I can come in on a Monday (soon!) and receive the obligatory squeals and not have to give them.


middlegirl said...

Completely Understand.

NotMiranda said...

Ok, you seriously have to stop posting these things because you're hitting me right in my gut...speaking what I so often feel.