Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My Type

Most people can say they are attracted to a certain "type" or person. I have often tried to figure out what similarity exists among the guys I have either had crushes on or have been involved with.
-Not all of them had dark hair which I would have said is a requirement for me just because I prefer it.
-While most of them were funny, not all of them got my jokes which is definitely essential.
-Not all of them played an instrument.
-Not all of them were taller than me (1 was the same height and what a pain (literally) that was for me and my posture)

When I think about it though, the thing that ties them all together is a love for music. I don't want this to come across like a Hallmark movie but but when someone shares a passion it can be such an intense bond. I think that every guy I have pursued has had an intense interest in music whether it was for a certain band, an instrument, writing it, hearing it, being it, living it, etc.

Recognizing this passion in someone just increases my attraction to them ten-fold. It's like it is an indication of what they can give...If someone can be that passionate about an art-form then imagine how passionate they would be about someone they loved.

I think it's exciting.

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