Thursday, November 24, 2005

Kiss Quiz

My latest addiction online is Blogthings and today I just had to take the Kissing Purity Test! Here are my answers because hell, this blog is called No Sex and the City and the ante needs to be upped while I piddle around in my current situation:

You've kissed someone...

-on the cheek (YES)
-on the lips (YES)
-on their neck (YES)
-in my room (YES although when I took it earlier I said no because I totally forgot about when I have my apartments before)
-in their room (YES)
-of the opposite sex (YES)
-of the same sex (YES but I always feel the need to explain that it was a dare. I take Truth or Dare seriously)
-a little younger than me (YES)
-a little older than me (YES)
-who was a complete stranger (YES)
-shorter than me (YES)
-with facial hair (YES)
-with curly hair (YES)
-with blond hair and blue eyes (YES although honestly, I can't remember eye color)
-with red hair (NO, I don't think so but I know who I'd like to start with)
-with a tongue ring (YES)
-with a lip ring (NO although I certainly tried)
-who was chewing gum (YES)
-who was drunk (YES)
-while I was drunk (YES)
-who was going out with someone else (YES)
-while I was going out with someone else (NO)
-who I didn't want to kiss (YES)
-right after I kissed someone else (YES)
-while kissing someone else at the same time (NO)
-at a party (YES)
-at the end of a first date (NO but granted I don't go on many date, by definition)
-at church (NO)
-in the rain (YES)
-in the backseat of a car (NO but I have a feeling I'm forgetting someone)
-on a plane (NO)
-on a roller coaster (NO)
-under water (NO)
-in a foreign country (NO)
-in a public restroom (NO)

And what have we learned? I'm a kissing whore:)


NotMiranda said...

Not a bad thing to be a whore at : )

Jaimie said...

Ha! that's funny!