Monday, November 14, 2005

Creaky knees and faded memories

This past week I have consumed more than my normal share of alcohol. I have had (1) a 30th birthday; (2) went on our staff retreat (retreat and drinking come from the same root word); and (3) was with NotCarrie at Friday night's soiree. It's funny because, if possible, drinking brings both more clarity and greater confusion. The clarity comes in realizing what some of my issues are when they suddenly fade away when intoxicated. For example, drinking makes be bolder with the boys. I also dance more freely. I suddenly care much less about what other people think and more about my own happiness. Unfortunately, I've also noticed a few instances where I've lost chunks of my life. Not being able to remember frightens me because no matter how much I want happiness and mental freedom being emboldened gives me, I fear giving control to my subconscious mind. After my night of dancing during our staff retreat, it came to my attention that seemed to have lost an hour or so of memory. I spent the rest of the retreat avoiding certain guys I was silently crushing on in my right mind because I was afraid I would have acted on it in my drunk mind.

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NotCarrie said...

I'm generally pretty good about remembering my night when drinking. I'll forget certain things I've said but can't say I've ever forgotten a "chunk"- I heard one of my drunk messages I left on Friday though and I didn't sound as drunk as I thought I would.