Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Puzzle Pieces

I was in Coldstone (yes, ice cream!), waiting for my Like It Coconut Cream Pie cone when I entertained myself by observing one of the teenage employees and the guy who was talking to her. It made me smile because you could tell she was just giddy from being in conversation with him while he was trying to play it cool and not show too much emotion. When they said their goodbyes it struck me how obvious it was to everyone that they liked each other. He knows, she knows...hell, even I know now! But then I got angry because how can it be so much easier for them to let the other know there is an interest there. They are teenagers, and by definition awkward, yet their puzzle pieces just seem to fall right into place. Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to put my puzzle together wearing a blindfold and with instructions in Russian.

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NotMiranda said...

Bloody hell. I can't even find a puzzle I really like.