Saturday, November 12, 2005

Truth Serum

Ok, So I got drunk last night. I guess I can't really hide the fact after the awesome post I left late last night. Although I don't drink a lot anymore, I still get the same feeling of dread the next morning as I wake up and wonder what damage I left behind the night before. I never get extremely drunk and have never passed out or not known where I was. But I am guilty of being a drunk dialer, drunk texter, and apparently, drunk blogger.
This morning, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my drunk antics were nothing to be embarassed about. A blessing in disguise was my new cell phone which I have yet to add my many contacts to. Out of the few names I have in there so far I was with two and didn't try calling the others. I emailed NotCharlotte to apologize for the phone call made from NotMiranda's phone but it came out something like this, "fjfjdskfdsfj" so I'm not sure if she was able to translate it. I also emailed NotJason (who was upstairs, so go figure) and was a little worried about what I said in that one. One time I left a very confessional voice mail and was extremely relieved to find out the next day that the call had ended before my voice was heard. (However, I still have some doubt about this and wonder if maybe he told me I left no message so I wouldn't be embarassed.) Most of last night's email was in the same language as NotCharlotte's but once my drunk-ass realized I was able to type if I just slowed down I got some coherant sentences in.
The problem with me being worried about my truths coming out while drinking is that maybe there shouldn't be things out there that haven't been said already. I wish I could say that I lay it all out there and let people know how I feel but I most definitely do not. I am not really wishing for a change in my personality but there are a few things that really need to be said, and soon, and definitely not while under the influence. They are too important.

Last night was fun, though!


manda said...

Ah the drunk dial. It can kick your ass the next day - but wasn't it fun? :)

Sarah said...

Damn lowered inhibitions. The dread one feels upon waking the morning after a rockin' night of drinking and socializing (be it in person, on the phone, or on a public blog) is sometimes enough to make me question whether that wine was delicious enough to be worth it all. And I always decide it is.

middlegirl said...

my latest- drunk text messaging. Just as bad, because the spelling gets a little crazy.