Friday, October 07, 2005

Second hand goods

I was riding the metro again this morning and once again pondering the abundance of men wearing wedding rings. I began to ponder the possibility that the majority of men my age (or close) might have already made the committment leap and what ramifications that held for me. In my feeble mind, this means that I may have missed my chance this go round and have two potential options. (1) Settle for an older guy who already has his first divorce under his belt or (2) wait until the guys that are currently my age begin to see the light and divorce . Either way you cut it, my options are much better when looking at used goods. If I'm ever going to ponder this possibility, I will need to start selling this to myself in a better light. I'm a sucker for marketing, so maybe I should start to think of them as 'vintage' versus 'used'.

*please understand that most of this post is meant to be read as a bit tongue-in-cheek*

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