Saturday, October 08, 2005

Observe Your Surroundings

Last night me, NotMiranda and NotJason went out in DC and had a really good time hanging out in a bar and watching the people around us. We couldn't help but comment on the "meeting people" rituals that occurred.
-The tallest guy and tallest girl gravitated towards each other
-The men wearing sports jerseys were near other men wearing sports jerseys
-The short girls and the short guys really hit it off
-Crotch angling does NOT work, in fact it's quite creepy
-The very loud and obnoxious guys were surrounded by the type of girls you imagine don't have a thought in their head

Of course these are all just unsupported observations and us making comments on people did not lead to any grand conclusions. I think we did learn that we enjoy each other's company a lot and none of us were aching to meet someone else in that environment. (Note: Meeting people in other environments is always an option).

The important thing is, the night was a lot of fun and maybe my next blog entry will be about the wild streak emerging from a certain Not.

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