Saturday, October 08, 2005

The joys and agony of being alone...part 2

I'm having another night in alone. And unlike the last one I'm perfectly happy with that. I've done some work for my full time job, so I don't feel like a total slob for laying around the house and not doing much in general, but as usual when I'm alone my subconcious get the best of me and I start thinking about the things in my life that may or may not need fixing.

Like, the fact that I'm still not in a relationship.
Like, the fact that I still live with other people when I should probably be living alone.
Like, the fact that I'm no closer to finding out who/what I want to be exactly.


In other news I'm not feeling to pitiful for myself. In fact I feel rather empowered by the fact that I recognize that its time for me to move into the next step of adulthood and that's living alone...maybe I'll get a cat...


Jhena said...

Sounds like you really need a cat. I thought of doing that, too when I feel so alone. then, i'll remember, pet isn't allowed in my place. sigh! Good thing I'm not really alone. I have a lot of roommates, enough to replace a bunch of pets. haha!

NotCarrie said...

Please, Please get a puppy!