Monday, October 17, 2005

Multitasking In The Game Of Love

I got to thinking on my drive back from lunch about the different excuses people use for not starting a relationship. From my own experience I can think of quite a few but for brevity, I will focus on one:

"I don't have time for a relationship."

My problem with this statement is that people never (or should never) say, "I don't have time for friends." I think if someone said that then they would be a very lonely person because friendship's require an effort of some sort no matter how miniscule it is. I have friends who understand that I can't take a weekend to come visit them but we remain friends because we keep in contact in other, more manageable ways.

And isn't a relationship essentially a friendship with an extra bond? To break it down to it's simplest form a relationship could be defined as friends with benefits and that special bond. (Bond can, but does not always equal love or commitment, etc.)

So if someone has enough time in his or her life to be a friend, then how can they not have enough time for a relationship? I understand wanting to spend as much time as possible with a significant other but isn't something better than nothing? One could think of it as multitasking-a friend and significant other in one! Maximize your free time! Date your friends!

Okay, Maybe I've lost track of the point here...



NotMiranda said...

Omg....laughed out loud at 'date your friends' (wipes tear away).

On a more serious note, you make a good point. Should we then deduce that "not enough time" is simply an excuse for "not enough interest"?

NotCarrie said...

I hope not!