Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Ex What?

What else would come from an unrecognized number on my cell phone than confusion? I should have known something was up the moment my phone rang and I failed to know who was calling me. It was the ex.

"The ex what?" you are probably asking. I can't answer because I don't really know...he was more than a friend but I wouldn't call it a relationship. And the fact that he still calls me every once and awhile confuses me even more. Last night he wasn't even drunk. Drunk phone calls I can handle, but sober ones? That requires coherant thinking...and dialing...and talking.

I kind of feel bad after I talk to him because he never seems suspicious of my reasons and excuses. "Oh I can't talk because I'm in a restaurant" "I can't come over because I'm not in the area" "I didn't call back because my cell phone was dead."

I told him I'd call him sometime to catch up but I don't really want to. I know he'll invite me over and then, instead of just saying no, I'll give some lame excuse and he'll believe me.


NotMiranda said...

Why we (i.e., women) have such a hard time just saying no? Like when the random guy on the street asks for my phone number...why do I feel it necessary to make up a boyfriend?

NotCarrie said...

I can't say no to him because I still like him wanting me. There's "history";)