Thursday, August 11, 2005

At the risk of sounding conceited, have you ever wondered who has a crush on you? Do you ever wonder if there is someone out there, possibly someone you have never met, who has intense feelings about you? Or even a friend, maybe a close friend, who longs to have something more with you but you have no idea!

Think about it: How many people have you lusted after or been "in like with" (new phrase, use it) and you never told them. Maybe you never even spoke with them but always had a desire to.


I had the biggest crush EVER on NotDracula from a popular hardcore punk band in the city I used to live in. I went to the Starbucks he worked at way too often and attended every show he played (I like his music anyway, phew). I was convinced he was God's gift until one day I heard him talk and all feelings I had for him were lost. The magic was gone. The point is, he never knew I was in like with him.

I've had countless crushes on friends...sometimes they had to have known but others probably didn't have the foggiest idea. So some of my friends must have developed feelings for me, right? A few told me after the fact and it was so weird to think back to their behavior or the different things we did together.

It just makes me there someone out there, right now, thinking about me all the time. Trying to coincide daily tasks so they see me??

These type of things can't be one-sided. I know I'm not the only one.


NotMiranda said...

This is hilarious, but we all hope sooo true. I've said I'm a "liking" slut, so maybe I've got a counterpart out there. Wouldn't it be funny to think of Cowboy stalking me?! I can only dream : )

NotCarrie said...

EXACTLY! I definitely have done the whole "try to be where they are" thing and it's hilarious to think who has done this for me.

How much of play flirting with friends is play? Maybe another blog topic...

Tommy the Cork said...

Jeeez. I can tell you I spend a portion of everyday thinking about that sort of thing...what I would like to just jump up and say to those I harbor a secret "fancy" for and then wondering who might have the same for me. I think spontaneous crazy sex occurs when two secret admirers somehow, accidently find out that they line up. Of course, like you said about hearing your heart's desire talk, often fantasy is the best way to enjoy someone.