Thursday, August 11, 2005

Love and Some Verses

I've been sick this whole week, which has given me a lot of time to think about things. I've thought about weakening friendships, past loves, current crushes, goals for the future, etc. but my mind keeps coming back to one person in my life that I have conveniently forgotten to talk about. I don't think I've even told the three people who share this blog with me about him. NotSwimmer. I went to high school with him and for my entire senior year I had the biggest crush on him. We would chat every day after school online about nothing. He would get on me for asking him so many questions, and I would get on him for being an asshole. This was our daily routine, we never got tired of it. By the end of that year we had become "close." Close enough so that he would invite me over... to watch soccer no less but I still felt good knowing he wanted me there. Close enough for him to come over to my house and wrestle with our other friend in our living room and almost break my window and honestly apologize to my mother about it. As we were all getting our yearbooks signed, he took over a half an hour to think of something witty to write in mine. After a paragraph of inside jokes that we had shared, he wrote: "thanks for putting up with me, I appreciate it. I'm serious."
That was such a long time ago, and soon after that was written, we lost touch for quite awhile.
But every time I would start to forget about him, he would appear out of nowhere and we would chat for hours at a time, catching up on our lives. Same kind of smartass remarks from both of us, but it was normal. I look forward to it every time.
Now with all of the public blogs and everything out there, it's easier to keep tabs on each other. Everywhere I go, from myspace to the facebook, I have a "NotSwimmer would like to be your friend" tab awaiting my response.
The more I learn about him over the years, the more I realize the fascination I have with falling in love with him. I always have said that he will be the one I marry. He and I share a special bond, as little and stupid as it seems. Just to know that he thinks about me once in awhile is enough to keep me going until we finally run into each other again.

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