Monday, August 15, 2005

I am Samantha

I know I'm not NotSamantha and can't even come close to pulling off some of those personality traits. However, I did have a Samantha moment on Saturday evening. I was at my favorite place to hate being on a Saturday night (the Barn), really not in the mood for all of the kiddos trashing the place. Out of the kindness of my heart (right...believe that) and the desire to not spend the night there cleaning, I ventured into the children's department in the early afternoon to clean. The tornado created by the furious movement of so many little heathens had trashed the place. After 30 minutes, all the patience I don't have was wearing thin. I had begun the process of silently cursing them in my head and making loud noises in hopes they would leave. Then it hit me. They were assholes. I had to laugh. Here I was, NotMiranda, standing here wanting to call these little kids assholes much like Samantha calls Brady in a hilarious episode of Sex & the City. And, with that thought, I left.

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NotSamantha said...

Spoken like a true Samantha...perhaps you were channeling me.