Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Piscean woman in me

I've never been much into astrology other than the occasional peek in the birthday books to see if my personality really does match up with the traits listed. But with twitter it's really easy to get your daily horoscope. But I wanted something a little edgier, so I went for the daily Sexoscopes, and a recent one caught my eye:

            "Pisces females need a man –a real man who protects and leads."

If there were ever a quote to sum up what I want in a man, it would be this one.

It's very frustrating to be a dominant female and yet to need a man who is just as, if not more dominant. I'm just not getting that when I'm dating, and it's depressing. If I'm going to be a follower, I have to have a trustworthy leader or at least a partner I can work with. I feel like men have let me down, by not stepping up to women and telling us what they want.

I've always said that I want a man with some backbone, chutzpah, BALLS…anything, besides the milquetoast that I've been presented with. I'm welcome to advice on how to get such a man, because at this point I am fed up and ready to declare myself off the market for a while.


Anonymous said...

The whole "real" man thing is conflicted. All men have "BALLS".

Would Mr Right post an APB announcing that he needs a real woman who follows and has servility, weakness, and p888y? Who sits down and listens to what they want?

Men make lots of mistakes, but not that. You don't really want that relationship either.

Roxy said...

do what I did... get a blue collar man.