Friday, October 22, 2010

Last Weekend

Is a blemish in my record that I would rather not get into...

But it did make me realize that I finally, truly, have a type.

Tall. Like, ridiculously taller than my 5'7" self.
Dark haired. Or no-haired. Or short-haired.
Broad shouldered.
Likes PDA (as in hand holding, arms around each other, leg touches while sitting).
Funny. Sarcastic. Not cocky.

Luckily, being surrounded by military men, this "type," at least physically, is pretty easy to come by, but for my next encounter with the opposite sex, I'm feeling a bit more International. My Grandma told me my next love interest will be a German, so stay tuned...


NotCarrie said...

How do you feel about the other PDA? kissing, etc. I'm getting so annoyed with certain couples who act like touching their bf/gf is required for them to keep living.

NotCharlotte said...

I'm not a fan of sucking face in public, unless it's New Years. I like little gestures that let people know you're a couple.