Friday, October 08, 2010


Maybe I should back up.

A long, long time ago there lived four fine maidens who were the closest of friends. On most weekends they could be found together pursuing life, love, happiness and most assuredly the opposite sex. These maidens chose to chronicle their adventures, doubts, love, lust and everything in between on this blog.

As every good tale does, their story took a turn for the worse as once solid friendships began to crumble. The strife and not-so-subtle bickering bled into the blog, and the blog was no longer *fun*. So we stopped...mostly.

Flash forward a good two years, and suddenly women are lusting after Don Draper, girls are still lining up in trampy heels for Sex and the City movies, and Betty White is suddenly hot again. As for us, we've lived and grown and dated and dumped and cried and laughed get it. We are a little older and questionably wiser. We're still fast friends in various configurations, but with growth comes change. You won't find us all at the same place doing the same thing on the weekend, and perhaps that's more interesting.

One thing I can say is that we've all missed this space a bit, our own world to pour a little bit of our hearts into. So...we're back (all of us) to give it another go. Buckle up and don't mind the turbulence.


A Girl In The World said...

Yay! I have never unsubscribed in the hopes thar you would come back! I look forward to the "slightly wiser" version of my virtual girlfriends!

NotMiranda said...

Oh yay! Thanks for sticking with us.

Good Riddance said...

I'm glad you are back!!!