Sunday, November 11, 2007

Invasion of the bodysnatchers

I disappeared. Not because I was afraid. It wasn't even intentional. I was angry...intensely angry at this blog being used to forward any personal agendas and the incomplete truths being told by multiple parties on here. I was all set to blow the whole thing wide open with the "complete" truth, but then I got lazy. I didn't know how to phrase what I wanted to say. And then a busy work schedule became my excuse. Eventually this all eroded into the fact that I lost all desire to make things worse. I knew that nothing I could write would help what was going on in our lives.

The truth of the matter is (as I'm sure you've garnered by now) that all is not well in Denmark. Some of the girls aren't getting along and haven't really been for a long, long time. I talk to everyone and am left with burden of navigating all sides. This isn't easy or ideal; most of the time it's simply painful. Conversations can turn into emotional russian roulette. I even began campaigning everyone individually to end this blog because I felt the spirit in which it was created was long gone.

I lost and here we are. Tepid, but I promised I would give it another go.


Roxy said...

Maybe this blog could be used to discuss differences then. It could be a place where everyone could say how they truly feel.

Through it, maybe people could learn to forgive each other and move forward.

It's been obvious that something has been going on. I mean NotCharlotte has already left.

Why not hash it out and let us readers help you out.

Melinda said...

I totally agree with Roxy here. After regularly visiting this blog for over a year, I've enjoyed reading about your adventures and giggling over the commentaries about men & dating. Lately though, it seems like there's an undercurrent that you're all hinting at and tiptoeing around - which is totally up to you, since it's your blog - but if your situation is something you're willing to share, I know a lot of us readers will want to try to help.

Elisabeth said...

I've been reading this blog for a while and even though I feel sad that NotCharlotte has left, I don't see a need to rash your history on this blog. As a reader, I do not know anyone of you and for me to make an opinion/judgment based on one's writing would be unfair.

Your issues are not my business, plain and simple. Talking about it will only create a hostile atmosphere.

I hope you ladies will work through this. If not, well you are all adults and your lives will continue.

Passionista said...

I'm sorry the blog has left you sad and want for more. I have really enjoyed what little I've read so far. good luck!