Saturday, August 11, 2007

Trying To Tell Me Something?

I was just digging around in the bottom of my bag for a pen and what do I find? A CONDOM! What the hell? (And no, not used. Do you think I would be blogging about a used condom in my bag? If that had happened I would have 1) Wondered if I had been drugged and 2) Shower at the thought of some random jizz being in my bag.)

So from where did the condom come? Is it a sign from God to have el sexo? NotMiranda said she didn't put it in there so I'm going to ask NotGraceful, although that would be so weird if he had. Wouldn't it have been more appropriate to actually have it when needed?

Mystery condom, mystery condom, from where did you come?


Lindsey said...

I had one put in my birthday card.

And I put it to good use by god...who am I to ignore a sign? ;o)

Scarlet Hip said...

Now this is a mystery worth looking into!

By the way, I've changed my name and address. It's still the same ole me though! See ya soon!

Churlita said...

I'd worry that it would get damaged hanging out in my bag for however long.

It does sound like a fun mystery to try and figure out.

Anonymous said...

I got one in a birthday card once... It was affixed with a carefully placed staple.

A prior conversation with the parents involved grandchildren.

The sign is to look into more permanent solutions than condoms.

Marissa said...

That is hysterical! Don't ask questions. Just use it. :)

CarmenSinCity said...

Wow - a random condom??! That definitely does make you wonder.

Anonymous said...

I'd take it as a sign to go out and get new condoms... You never know who mighta put it there or how many holes may be in it.

NotCarrie said...

Lindsey- Hahhaa, I'll work on it.

Scarlet Hip- Hellooo!!!

Churlita- Oh I wouldn't use that one. I just want to know from where it came!

Pele- Haha, staples:)

Marissa- Good advice:)

Carmensincity- Would be funny if someone one night was like, "Shit! Where is my condom!?"

Pele (again)- Yeah, I wouldn't USE the mystery condom...just take it as a sign:)

Diana said...

I love your blog! Glad I stumbled over it it from top to bottom grinning all the way!


Valley Girl said...

I would've seen it as a blessing and sign from God. =)